Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Ride With Me" By: Ruthie Knox Review

Ride with Me
"Ride with Me"
By: Ruthie Knox

Synopsis from Goodreads:
When Lexie Marshall places an ad for a cycling companion, she hopes to find someone friendly and fun to cross the TransAmerica Trail with. Instead, she gets Tom Geiger—a lean, sexy loner whose bad attitude threatens to spoil the adventure she’s spent years planning. Roped into the cycling equivalent of a blind date by his sister, Tom doesn’t want to ride with a chatty, go-by-the-map kind of woman, and he certainly doesn’t want to want her. Too bad the sight of Lexie with a bike between her thighs really turns his crank. Even Tom’s stubborn determination to keep Lexie at a distance can’t stop a kiss from leading to endless nights of hotter-than-hot sex. But when the wild ride ends, where will they go next?
My Thoughts
I read “About Last Night” a few weeks ago, and was blown away by how amazing of an author Ruthie Knox was. When you find an author this wonderful, you go and find everything that they have written. Luckily I found and loved “Ride with Me” just as much as I did her newest novel.
Lexie is looking for adventure when she starts out on the TransAmerica Biking Trail. Tom, set up with Lexie as a guide by his well-meaning sister, is only interested in riding the TransAmerica Trail, not guiding around this random girl. Immediately Tom is irritated and needless to say, the first few days of biking together aren't the most friendly.
Yet, as they spend more time together on the road, simply riding bikes over trails across the nation, Tom and Lexie begin to know one another and like each other. Tom is such a crusty, grouchy guy who doesn't like people and Lexie is almost the complete opposite. She loves to talk, is friendly almost to a fault, and is a schoolteacher. Can you get any sunnier?
I had never read a book where biking was a main focus of the novel. It was an interesting concept, and moved the novel in an interesting way. It allowed the characters to spend a lot of time together without any time constraints, which of course, let us have a lot of character development, which I'm a HUGE fan of. I love grumpy heroes and Tom fit the bill beautifully.
I think the elegance of this novel is the simplicity. Its a sweet romance about two people riding bikes across the county and falling in love. No evil stepsisters, no murders to solve, no crazy ex-boyfriends that come out of the woodwork. It's quirky, funny, and I loved it, in a gushing, oh my gosh everyone has to read this, way. She took a chance creating a romance about two bicyclists, but it really paid off. Ruthie Knox is on my auto-buy list, a wonderful lively new author everyone must try!!

Book Details
Publisher: Loveswept
Date of Publication: February 13, 2012
# of Pages: 216
ISBN: B0061C1OQ0


  1. Sunnier! How clever! Lexie sounds a lot like me and as for Tom I definitely think his face should have been on the cover! Have a good one

  2. This book looks so cute! I will have to see if my library has it, or get it for my nook ASAP. Thanks for the review!