Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Fight to the Finish" By: Jeanette Murray Review

Fight to the Finish
By: Jeanette Murray

Kara is a single mom working hard to keep life running smoothly for herself and her son, but a custody battle is wearing her down. When her friend suggests asking a JAG officer for some unofficial advice, Kara agrees—and soon finds herself officially head over heels...
As a Judge Advocate, Graham has seen his share of nasty custody disputes—and he plans on keeping his distance from this one. But this purposeful, passionate woman has a way of drawing him ever closer to the edge. And when Kara’s ex starts to throw his weight around, Graham will have to choose between toeing the line or stepping into the ring...
My Thoughts
     I adore Jeanette Murray’s writing. She writes lovely characters with rich backgrounds and histories, while not leaving out the heat I’ve come to expect from her books. Somehow I had missed the first two books in this trilogy, so I read this one a wee bit out of order. However, it in no way made my enjoyment any less…it just made me buy the first two and go on a reading binge!
     Kara is a single mom, raising her son, and just trying to get by. Between the demands of her job and the demands of raising an allergy specific young boy, she doesn’t have much time for a love life. That doesn’t stop Graham though, a lawyer on base who is drawn to this driven young woman.
      I think I adore these books, so very, very much, because Jeanette writes real situations. Life is messy. We have weird feelings. We are embarrassed. We often want what we can’t have. We get mad, we get angry, and we are often confused. We worry. We love. All of these emotions are clear in her work and create such a realistic love story, you become completely immersed within this world. The relationships are real, the brotherhood is extremely loyal and strong, and the love story is utterly lovely.
     As I said before, I read the series out of order. However, it did make me go back and read the first two, not because I was confused but because I absolutely adored the people within the story. Sad that the trilogy has ended but was glad I was along for the ride. Brava Ms. Murray, excited to see what comes next! 

Book Details
Date of Publication: March 1st, 2016
Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 9780425279281

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