Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Bunny and the Bear" By: Eve Langlais Review

"Bunny and the Bear" 
By: Eve Langlais
Synopsis from Amazon:
What's a poor bear to do when all he wants is some sweet, bunny pie?
     Bears and bunnies aren't supposed to mix, or that's what Chase keeps telling himself when his bouncy new neighbor won't stay out of his business--and his mind. However, the more he gets to know his overly perky neighbor, the more he craves her, a desire worse than his addiction to honey and pie. Miranda's on a mission for the Furry United Coalition, and it involves secretly guarding one grumpy ol' bear. Staying focused on the job isn't easy when all she can think about is turning his frown upside down, a task made harder when she gets a glimpse of his passion. When she hears about his theory on woodland creatures and predators not mixing, she thinks all is lost, but she didn't count on a bear's curious nature--and possessive need. When an evil force abducts Chase, Miranda unleashes her bunny in order to save him, but the revelation of her shifter side puts her in danger. Is one ornery bear enough to save her from a mad scientist? And if he does, can a bear forget her woodland creature status long enough to love her and make her his mate?  
My Thoughts:
     “Bunny and the Bear” is one of those books that you see on Amazon, if you like this then you'll like that, sort of things. It sounded sweet, funny, and totally corny...and who doesn't like a zany book once in a while? I mean come on, the Furry United Coalition?! Ha :)
    First off, I should explain that is definitely a paranormal romance, if you didn't get that you'd be completely lost. Chase (a bear shifter) has a new neighbor named Miranda (a bunny shifter). He's attracted to her, but of course, why would a carnivore be attracted to a sweet little furry bunny? Yet as it turns out, Miranda is a secret agent for the Furry United Coalition, kind of a private firm for shifter security. Someone has put out an order to capture Chase and its up to Miranda and the FUC to save him.
      While this book isn't one of my favorites, it does have its funny moments. It's so implausible that you shake your head, the character are over the top and the plot is just silly. The author tries to make it fun and sexy and I think she just went way too far. Not something I will read again, but it filled my afternoon and did make me giggle.  

Book Details
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of Publication: August 11, 2011
# of Pages: 182
ISBN: 978-1466220676


  1. Bunny is actually a bunny-shifter? I thought it was a play on the Playboy bunny thing. So does the bear eat the bunny in the end? ;)

  2. Bunny? As in Rabbit? As in a bunny rabbit? Wow. This book kinda takes the cake. I kinda want to read it just for the outrageousness.