Thursday, October 24, 2013

"100 Ghosts: A Gallery of Harmless Haunts" By: Doogie Horner Review

100 Ghosts: A Gallery of Harmless Haunts
By: Doogie Horner

Cut two eyeholes into a bedsheet and BOO! You’ve got yourself a classic Halloween icon. But what happens if you tie the bedsheet in knots? What happens when you set it on fire, hang it from a clothesline, or put a llama underneath it? 100 Ghosts is a brilliantly simple artistic exploration of an icon as familiar as a grinning jack-o-lantern or an arched black cat. It’s a delightful gift for adults, kids, and anyone who enjoys spooky design.
My Thoughts

     I’m having a hard time describing this book except for simply fun. Great for anyone who loves simple, quirky books, 100 Ghosts is exactly as the title describes...a large gallery of harmless haunts. From a Harry Potter ghost complete with his iconic glasses to a shy ghost who won’t even look at you, Doogie Horner has created a creative and incredibly funny collection for children, teens, and adults to enjoy. We had a really good time passing the book around at my library with every librarian having a different favorite. Creative, funny, and captivating, 100 Ghosts: A Gallery of Harmless Haunts is a perfect coffee table book for you to pick up when you have a free moment. I always got something a little different out of it every time I picked it up and I know you will too!

Book Details
Publisher: Quirk Books
Date of Publication: September 10, 2013
# of Pages: 208
ISBN: 978-1594746475
Source: From Publisher for Review

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