Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Long Time Gone" By: Lorelei James Review

Long Time Gone
By: Lorelei James

The right love is worth the wait...
Calvin McKay can't understand his twin brother's rush toward the altar—until he lays eyes on the bride's younger sister. But she's far too innocent for him to pursue…and yet something about that little blonde tornado gets his blood pumping and his heart all twisted up.

Kimi West is used to boys chasing after by her, but Cal McKay is a man—all man—and his hot kisses are like nothing she's ever experienced. But he's a rancher, tied to the land, and she can’t wait for the day she can escape from Wyoming and see the world.

After a tragedy sends Kimi running from her family, Cal gives Kimi a place to stay—and oh so many tantalizing reasons to stay—while she sorts out her plans. Now she'll have to decide whether the adventure she wants is in a new frontier or right there by Cal's side.

My Thoughts

    Lorelei James has done it again! She is able to take 100 pages and just fill it with the most incredible western romance I have ever read. Cal and Kimi, one of the most beloved couples in the McKay family, finally have a chance to have their love story told in this new novella from James.
    Told in only a few short chapters, we are taken on the adventure of the love story that is Cal and Kimi. First meeting at an ice cream parlor, Cal is immediately smitten with the sixteen year old Kimi. Their ages keep them apart, but when Kimi turns 18 and returns to her hometown sparks ignite. When all of the forces in the world seem to be pulling them apart, they find themselves battling against the forces to find true love with one another.
    Sexy, sweet, and heartfelt, Lorelei James has hit this novella out of the ballpark. I have grown with this family through the series and if anything, the only minor complaint that I have is that it is too short. My time with the McKays wasn’t nearly enough but I do truly cherish their lovely little love story. Brava Ms. James, Brava!

Book Details
# of Pages: 129
Release Date: June 13, 2015
Source: Personal Purchase

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