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"Love's Rhythm" By: Lexxie Couper Review

Love's Rhythm
"Love's Rhythm" 
By: Lexxie Couper

Synopsis from GoodReads:
His music moves the world. Can his love move her heart?
Nick Blackthorne knows all about words of love. They’re the reason he’s the world’s biggest rock star. The irony? He turned his back on love a long time ago, lured away by the trappings of fame.

An invitation to a friend’s wedding is a stark reminder of how meaningless his life has become. When he enters that church, there’s only one woman he wants on his arm—the one he walked out on a lifetime ago. But first he has to find her, even if all she accepts from him is an apology.
Kindergarten teacher Lauren Robbins once had what every woman on the planet desires. Nick. Their passion was explosive, their romance the stuff of songs…and it took fifteen years to get over him. Then out of the blue Nick turns up at her door, and all those years denying her ache for him are shattered with a single, smoldering kiss.
But molten passion can’t hide the secret she’s kept for all these years. Because it’s not just her heart on the line anymore…and not just her life that’ll be rocked by the revelation. 
My Thoughts:
      Nick Blackthorne is a rock star known the world over. Lauren Robbins, Nick's long lost ex-girlfriend, is an elementary school teacher and about as removed from that world as can be. Yet when Nick and Lauren reunite, sparks fly, and as always romance is in the air! First off, a small disclaimer – this book is the second or third in a series and involves many characters from previous books. I have not read the previous books so I don't know much about them, but at points in the book, there are references to the characters, so beware that when you pick this one up.
      Nick receives a wedding invitation (friends from a previous book) and decides the only person he wants to invite is the only woman he has ever loved, Lauren. They had a close relationship when they were both fresh out of school, but as Nick became famous, Lauren drifted away until they finally broke up. Lauren still lives in the same town Nick grew up in so she is fairly easy to track down.
      Lauren is a Kindergarten teacher now and has no interest in Nick whatsoever when he shows up. Yet she can't deny there is chemistry and as always, their shared past keeps coming between them. Nick wants a chance to fix the relationship, wants to go back to the way things were yet Lauren does not. She still feels all the hurt she felt years before and has no desire to go back to that.
      “Love's Rhythm” is an interesting take on stardom. You always think that it would be fantastic to have fame and money, yet this book shows that's not always the case. Family, life, friends all change when fame and money enter into the mix. The characters were interesting and I think I will probably go back to read the other stories to find out what happened in previous novels. I wish the book had a little more history of what happened between the two characters, yet there was enough to infer what happened. “Love's Rhythm” was a fun, light if only I can find me a rock star!

Product Description
Publisher: Samhain
# of Pages: 155
Date of Publication: April 17, 2012

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