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Children's Book Saturday: "A Song for My Sister" By: Lesley Simpson

A Song for My Sister
"A Song for My Sister"
By: Lesley Simpson
Illustrated by: Tatjana Mai-Wyss

Synopsis from Amazon:
WAAAAA!  When Mira's wish for a sister at long last comes true, she's thrilled—but the new baby isn't exactly what she expected. Who knew someone so little could make so much noise! No matter what Mira or her parents do to soothe or amuse her, the baby's reaction is . . . WAAAAA!

On the day of her simchat bat, her Jewish naming ceremony, the baby cries--as usual! That is, until Mira steps close to offer her own special gift and the inspiration for her parents' choice of the perfect name. 
My Thoughts:
      As I read this book, I enjoyed it. By the end, I had a tear in my eye, it's that sweet. So be prepared when you pick it up, it's a cute, lovely picture book that may make you shed a tear.
     Mira wishes for a little sister at the beginning of "A Song for My Sister," yet when the wish comes true, it doesn't seem to be everything she hoped for. All the little baby does is cry, cry, cry. Finally it comes time to name the baby and Mira's parents have no idea what to call her. It isn't until Mira begins to sing to the baby that she actually stops crying and so, they name the new baby Shira or "song."
     Isn't that the sweetest idea ever for a book? I loved this book on so many levels. First, the family in the story is Jewish. Very few picture books focus on Jewish families and so this is a nice addition. Lots of families add babies and there is always that hard adjustment period and this book highlights that adjustment. Great for new siblings and dealing with pesky new sisters. Even with all that going for it, its an adorable story with wonderful illustrations. Well done all around, I think this will appeal to a wide range of young readers over a wide range of cultures. Well done! 

Book Details
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Date of Publication: June 26, 2012
# of Pages: 32
ISBN: 978-1582464275

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I received this picture book from Edelweiss and am making an honest review of the title from my own perspective.

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