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"Body Heat" By: Susan Fox Review

"Body Heat"
By: Susan Fox
Synopsis from Goodreads
It’s Getting Hot In Here…
Maura Mahoney expects to spend her thirtieth birthday the way she’s spent so many others. She’ll work at the Cherry Lane retirement community, have a quiet dinner with her parents, and end the evening with a solo hot chocolate before turning in early. Sedate, but safe. Then Jesse Blue turns up at Cherry Lane, ready to do community service to avoid jail time. And suddenly, prim, by-the-books Maura can’t stop thinking about a sexy, motorcycle-riding bad boy who seems wrong for her in almost every way.
But beneath his gruff exterior, Jesse is a man of surprises. He’s filling the once drab community center with color and life. He’s bonding with the residents. And he’s prompting scorching, wild dreams Maura would never be bold enough to act on. Or would she? Because the way Jesse looks at her, Maura could swear that this heated, smoldering attraction runs both ways…
My Thoughts
    Prepare to be entertained because Body Heat is a whole lot funnier than the hot cover would lead us to suspect! Hilarious characters, a motorcycle riding hottie doing community service, a reserved yet longing to be a little wild administrative assistant, leaky pipes and so much round out this very naughty, very fun book by Susan Fox.
    Maura works in a nursing home, has for quite some time really. She’s content with her life, she’s used to it and really doesn't want anything to change. One day Jesse Blue walks in to do community service and her life is never the same. While she worries about liabilities, he’s driving around senior citizens on the back of his motorcycle. She’s working on the Nursing Home board and Jesse is helping the seniors find girlfriends.
     The differences between the two are very apparent but they have this unmistakable chemistry. Jesse helps Maura become a little less rigid and Maura grounds Jesse. Susan does a wonderful job writing both characters, but I found myself identifying with Maura. I am a fairly outgoing girl but working in a library, you find yourself surrounded by older people. Not a great place to find a boyfriend but give us quiet girls a hottie on a motorcycle? Hello!
    Body Heat is a supremely cute, hot romance dealing with two very different people finding one another. Jesse finds Maura at a tough time in his life and Maura encounters Jesse at the perfect moment. The waters are rough but they definitely find their perfect other half. This was the first book by Susan I have read but will not be the last. Here’s hoping from a librarian in Missouri that there is a sequel!

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Book Details
Publisher: Brava
# of Pages: 320
Date of Publication: November 27, 2012
ISBN: 978-80758274809

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