Friday, June 21, 2013

Delphine Dryden Stops by!

Why Don't We Do It in the Lab? 

(Not literally, because that's probably not safe. 
Lots of glass and chemicals around. Safety first, folks!)

For a long time, scientists were seen as the epitome of not-sexy. Wild eyes, crazy hair, a penchant for bringing things back to life with unfortunate consequences. But these days, people are starting to realize that scientists are as hot in the bedroom as they are in the lab. It’s a big part of my hero Ivan’s appeal in The Theory of Attraction, and a fundamental component of heroine Lindsey’s nature in The Seduction Hypothesis. It's no surprise, though. They've all got the method.

The scientific method, I mean. Think about it; what better way to approach sexytimes than like a scientist?
1) Ask a question. Which spots on my lover's body render the most erotic bang for the buck when touched/stroked/pulled/teased during sex?

2) Observations. Background research. Involving sex, with extra touching.

3) Develop a Hypothesis. If I gently stroke points A and B during sex, my partner will go off like a bottle rocket.

4) Experiment. Sex again! With extra touching!

5) Analyze: Bottle rocket Y/N? Yes!

6) Conclusions: Gently stroking points A & B: keeper move.

If the analysis yields a "no", of course, your scientist will keep on experimenting. Often he'll keep on experimenting even if he gets a "yes." And if you're lucky, he'll never stop!

Is your honey a scientist between the sheets? 
Are you? Is there a time it gets too analytical?

A note from the Brunette Librarian: Isn't she adorable? Be sure to check out The Seduction Hypothesis. Here is my review! Ms. Dryden's website has information on the upcoming books in the series, and other books she has written.

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