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"The Seduction Hypothesis" By: Delphine Dryden Review

The Seduction Hypothesis  (Science of Temptation #2)
The Seduction Hypothesis 
By: Delphine Dryden

     Wildlife biologist Lindsey thought attending a fan convention with her new boyfriend Ben was a great idea—until their relationship fizzled. Lindsey still lusts after her ex—but if he wants her, he’s going to have to prove it.
     Ben will do anything to win Lindsey back, and when he sees her in her skimpy black vinyl convention get-up, he realizes what she’s been craving all along. And he is inspired to finally give in to his own dark desire to take complete sexual control... 
     Lindsey is surprised by her reaction to Ben’s kinky new seduction techniques, and suddenly sees the brilliant but uptight code guru in a different light. After several erotic encounters in hotel rooms and stairwells, she’s falling for Ben all over again. And wondering if the intimate connection will last once they head home…
My Thoughts
     The second book in the Science of Temptation series, I was intrigued by the concept of this newest romance. There is just something about a smart hero that really gets my motor runnin’! Add in a smart heroine and a comic book convention and you have the recipe for a fantastic story!
      Ben and Lindsey have dated in the past but have recently broken up. Clearly not on the same page as far as their relationship, Ben almost immediately wants Lindsey back. On a group trip to a comic convention, Ben wants to win Lindsey back...but Lindsey isn’t really sure if that’s what she wants.
     Something that was unexpected but pretty enjoyable was the naughtiness aspect of this book. Lindsey’s problems with Ben extend to his “power” in the bedroom if you know what I mean. Ben uncertainty and later overcoming of his concerns were enjoyable to see and I loved the character development. There was also just the right amount of romance and I genuinely wanted these two to make it, even through all of their difficulties.
     I want to take a second to applaud Delphine Dryden for actually using intelligent characters and not making them a 2-D representation of themselves. I am excited to see what is upcoming and I just know...I’ll love the characters! 

Science of Attraction Series
2. Seduction of Hypothesis
3. Principle of Desire (Coming soon!)

Book Details
Publisher: Carina Press
Date of Publication: May 6, 2013
# of Pages:97
ISBN: 978-1426895807
Source: Personally Purchased

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