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"The Professional: Part 1" By: Kresley Cole Review

The Professional: Part 1
By: Kresley Cole

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole comes The Game Makers; a scorching new erotica series about a young woman desperate to uncover the mysteries of her past and the hitman bound to protect her.
From an opulent palace in Russian, to the wicked playgrounds of the mega-wealthy in Paris, to the sultry beaches of Spain, the two lovers will discover that even their most intimate—and forbidden—fantasies can come true…
My Thoughts
     Wow. The single word that comes to my mind after reading the first installment of The Professional. Intriguing, smart, super hot, and just plain well written have come to be hallmarks of Cole’s writing and it comes out full force in this new series.
    Natalie is a successful student, working three jobs and trying to finish her Master’s Degree. She was adopted as a baby and is now interested in finding her birth parents. At a bar one night with her friends, Natalie looks up to find an extremely handsome man watching her from across the room. Little does she know but this mysterious man knows exactly who she is and works for her biological father.
     Sevastyan has come from Russia with the specific job of bringing Natalie back to his boss. Saved from a life as an orphan on the streets, Natalie’s father is a large crime boss who has taken him under his wing. Almost loyal to a fault, Sevastyan drops everything and travels to the US, first to investigate Natalie and ultimately bring her home to her father and his boss.
     An immediate attraction between the two simmers from their first shared glances, and only grows hotter when Sevastyan finally steals her away from her home for her own safety. Natalie is strong willed and doesn’t take the strong arming very well. Nervous about meeting her father, Sevastyan soon becomes the only constant in her life. The only thing or person really she may have control over.
     This is only the first part of the story what a ride its been. I’m literally jonesing for the next piece of the puzzle. Natalie’s father is a huge mystery we are dying to unwrap, and the romance between the uber masculine, silent Sevastyan and strong, independent Natalie just seems to get more complex and fantastic. Wonderfully sexy, smartly written, and just an all around excellent story, Cole has written a fantastic piece that is likely to be on lots of "Best of" lists in the near future.

The Game Maker Serial
Part 1: December 16, 2013
Part 2: January 6, 2014
Part 3: January 20, 2014

Book Details
Publisher: Pocket Star
# of Pages: 120
ISBN: 978-1451650068
Date of Publication: December 16, 2013
Source: Netgalley - For Review

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  1. all of kresley cole's books are great and this one was no exception- i cant wait for the next part in the series!