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A word with Zara Stoneley...

 Love is a Four Letter Word
By: Zara Stoneley

I am thrilled to welcome erotica author Zara Stoneley to my blog today!

Love Zara was sweet enough to answer some of my take it away Zara!

Hi, and thanks so much for having me over.

- I'm a librarian so I've gotta ask, what's your favorite library story?

I just love libraries, though I must admit I don’t spend as much time in our local one as I used to. When I was a teenager we were allowed to take four books out at a time and I used to be in the library every week on a Thursday picking out my next set of books. It was in our local library, over thirty years ago, that I discovered JRR Tolkien and ‘Lord of the Rings’ – even I couldn’t finish reading the trilogy in a week, but it was one of the first books that really left a lasting impression on me. Years later I took my son to see the films, and then he bought the books.
When I went to University it was heaven – after being used to a small town library and struggling to find a new book, the massive University library was incredible – I could have moved in and lived there!

- Do you have a library card?

I do, but it doesn’t get used as often as it should.

- Can you tell me a little about where you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from lots of different places. I love people watching, which can often trigger ideas. I also get inspiration from places, articles in magazines, pictures, the internet… more or less anything you see or hear can lead to a ‘what if?’, which can lead to a story. The inspiration for ‘Love Is A Four Letter Word’ came from a picture of a tousle haired ‘biker, with a cheeky bad boy grin. What if he bumped into a rich girl from his past, who wasn’t quite the Miss Perfect he always thought she was? And what if that rich girl came to realise that money can’t always buy you want you want?

- Who are some of your favorite authors/genres to read? What are you reading at the moment?

I love reading all kinds of books! I read lots of romances, but I also like thrillers, rom-coms and big beach read bonkbusters. At the moment I’ve just finished a Tilly Bagshawe novel and have moved on to Mandy Baggot’s ‘Made in Nashville’.

        “Don’t go. I mean, hang around for a bit, will you?” It could have been a residue of adrenalin from being pinned against that wall, but whatever it was her heart was hammering and her body had this strange buzz resonating through it, and she was pretty damned sure it had nothing to do with fear.

He chuckled and the sound fingered its way down her spine. “I don’t think he’ll be rushing back for seconds. So, are you?”

“Am I what?”


“I’ll let you decide that.” She took a step closer to him, which just about took her to the spot where she could smell the mix of spice, wood and musk. Earthy. Nice. “Not that it would bother you, I’m sure.”

“Are you now?” He let her close that gulf of ten inches between them, let her reach out to rest a finger on the top of the zip of his leather jacket. Cold metal against warm, the tang of leather and oil layered over the tantalising scent of pure male.

“Very sure. Can I see your ‘bike?”

He looked faintly amused, but from the way his stance had widened and those gorgeous eyes had darkened she knew she had him. Hers for the taking. But he’d kept his hands jammed in his pockets, like he was determined to make her do all the running.

“And there I was thinking it was me you were interested in.”

“I am. You and the bike, together.”

“You’ll have to promise not to rake those heels down the tank.”

It was then that she recognised him. It was the way he said it, that ever so slight judgemental edge to his voice. Jake Harcourt. He’d been like that when he was cocky sixteen. Daring, in control. Leader of the pack. And she’d been the podgy teenage girl in her carefully ironed blouse and spotless flat shoes. If she’d not had a drink or five maybe she’d have clicked earlier, maybe not. It was a lifetime ago. And he wasn’t a lanky tearaway teenager now. He was a man. Boy, had he grown into a man.

Back then was another time, of schoolgirl crushes, of secret Valentine’s cards being pushed into lockers, of wanting the rough tough poster boys and knowing it was a step too far. Then. Bad had been plain bad back then, now it was good.

“I won’t leave a scratch. I promise.”

He raised an eyebrow and just like that he’d gone from a little bit naughty to full on bad, and Georgie felt her throat dry as the anticipation swirled into a knot of excitement in her stomach.

“No scratches at all?”

The smile twitched at her mouth. “Well, not from the heels. And not on the tank.” She rested the very tips of her nails on his jawbone, let them drag across the rough stubble until they rested under his chin, then she leant in, let her breasts rub against the smooth hide of his jacket, closed her teeth around the fullness of his lower lip and pulled back just far enough so that she could glance up, see the look in his eye.

LOVE IS A FOUR LETTER WORD an erotic romance by Zara Stoneley. Published by HarperImpulse a division of Harper Collins Publisher.

Sometimes being bad can be too good to miss...

Take one rich girl who has a thing for the bad boys.

Take one tough guy who wants fun and freedom.

Mix generously with a land dispute and a whole lotta lust…. And what have you got?

Sometimes being bad can be just too good to miss...


Author Zara Stoneley has been writing stories for just about as long as she’s been reading them. She sold her first erotic novel to Xcite Books in 2012, and since then has had her hot romances accepted by several publishers, including HarperCollins. Her stories have featured on romance and erotic bestseller lists in the US and UK.
Zara divides her time between a country cottage in the UK and a Barcelona apartment, and loves her family, sexy high heels, sunshine, good food and wine, coffee, cats, horses, dogs, music, writing and reading - but not necessarily in that order! She likes her heroes just how she likes her coffee – hot, strong and moreish.

You can find more about Zara at Please stop by – she loves to meet new people!

Twitter - @zarastoneley

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