Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chilren's Book Flash Review

"Chocolate Me"
By: Taye Diggs and Illustrated By: Shane Evans

I picked this book up because I met Shane Evans (the illustrator) last year at a Missouri Library's Convention.

Shane Evans was incredibly nice and has an utterly unique way of drawing. Notice the cover, isn't it awesome?

A very cute book about a young African American boy who is completely comfortable with his race. That's ok, it's just Chocolate me!

A great story about accepting yourself and others while also being funny.

Actor Taye Diggs - the Author
Shane Evans - the Illustrator
"Chocolate Me!"

Red Riding Hood was Rotten!"
 By: Trisha Speed Shaskan

I received this book from Netgalley for no compensation.

Very cute story with wonderful illustrations!

This Red Riding Hood story is told from the point of view of the wolf. He's a vegetarian, but just can't help himself - since Red Riding Hood looks like his favorite fruit - an apple!

I think kids will enjoy a different take on the fairy tale. The illustrations are full and vibrant. Perhaps the best part of the book, even if a child is unable to read the words they are easily able to keep up with the story through the pictures.

"I Want My Hat Back"
By: Jon Klassen

Ha - This is an utterly funny children's book that takes about 3 minutes to read...but the illustrations, even though simple, will make you laugh.

And the ending - oh my gosh!

Wonderful children's story that definitely will make you giggle.
 Great for any age!
Seriously, how cute is this?
No text, but the picture is worth a thousand words!

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