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"Everything Forbidden" By: Jess Michaels

"Everything Forbidden" 
By: Jess Michaels

Synopsis from Goodreads:

     For summers Miranda Albright has watched—aghast, yet shamefully titillated—as her wicked neighbor Ethan Hamon, the notorious Earl of Rothschild, "entertained" a succession of lovers on the grounds of his estate. Now that her father has passed on, leaving behind a mountain of debt, Miranda must do the unthinkable. For Ethan has promised to sponsor her younger sisters, financially and socially, at a scandalously dear price: Miranda must offer herself to him completely for three full months, with no remorse and no restraints.
      Ninety days and nights of unbridled sensuality await her in the arms of a rogue who views her submission as no more than a grand erotic game. But neither Miranda nor Ethan realize that fire blazes behind her innocent blush. And once her passion is unleashed by his lips and his touch, it is the student who will school the teacher in the ways of forbidden pleasure ... and love
My Thoughts:
     I read this book years ago and recently picked it up again, remembering how much I had enjoyed it the first time I read it. Jess Michaels is unique in that she writes historical romances with a little naughtiness thrown in. Her characters seem a little over the top, but I think that's what I like most about her novels; the grand declarations, gestures and of course, the heart break.
      Miranda Albright has all of the responsibility for her family in regency England. Her father gambled away the family's fortune, her mother has no idea how to save money, and she has three sisters needing ot have their seasons in London society. With no idea how to make money or stop the huge financial debt her mother insists on putting the family through month after month, Miranda comes up with an idea. Miranda approaches her neighbor Ethan, a rake of the highest order, and asks him for help.
      Ethan, intrigued of course, decides to help Miranda with the bills and her sisters in exchange for 90 days as his “mistress.” Ethan is very take charge, which I love, and sure of himself. When this young neighbor comes to him, he is amused and interested, yet you never felt he would take advantage, and he didn't.
     We all know what happens next, love and then marriage, just without the baby carriage. Miranda has had a crush on Ethan throughout her young life and Ethan was intrigued by Miranda. He is impressed by her utter lack of selfishness and wants to give instead of take, which is pretyt much the only thing her family wants. Two utterly different people drawn together by fate in a truly fantastic scene and all the reader wants is that happy ever after.
     “Everything Forbidden” is one of those books that you'll read and think about later and smile. Fun, flirty, yet serious and heartwrenching, Miranda and Ethan will draw you in. Each vulnerable in their own way, when the two meet and fall in love, you will fall a little in love too. Gorgeous story!

Book Details
Publisher: Avon Red
Date of Publication: October 30, 2007
# of Pages: 262
ISBN: 978-0061283940


  1. It sounds like you really enjoyed this book; twice! I have to say the cover is gorgeous!! I just love a good book cover :)

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  2. I haven't read or heard of this book, but I love historical romances. I'll definitely try to look this up when I'm in the mood for one!

  3. This sounds deliciously scandalous. I'll have to search it out!

  4. This is the cover I liked, I've been waiting for your review. Fun and flirty sounds like my cup of tea! Lovely review :)

  5. I will ad this one to my TBR. Historical romance is one of the genres I read.