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"Gateway to Heaven" By: Beth Kery Review

Gateway to Heaven
"Gateway to Heaven"
By: Beth Kery

Synopsis from Goodreads:

     Life is rough when you're gorgeous, rich, talented and so sexy the media won't leave you alone.
      It was certainly the truth in Christian Lasher's case. He returns to the neighborhood of his childhood to escape the spotlight, hungering for a change in his creative endeavors. In the midst of his soul searching he meets Megan and is captured by the tantalizing hint of her hidden fires. Megan knows nothing about his wild, rebellious youth or his career as a rock star-and Christian would prefer to keep it that way.
      There was much, much more to her than the role of a fragile victim.
     Megan Shreve is a sculptor with creative depths and passions that tragedy had forced into the shadows. When she looks into Christian's eyes she sees herself for the first time as an exciting, sexy woman. She longs to discover more of herself in Christian's arms and in his bed.
      Two passionate souls destined for one another-unless the stifling roles imposed by tragedy and fame rip them apart.

My Thoughts:
     Lately I’ve been on a rock star kick, can you tell? First I started out with Olivia Cunning’s two series', then I read “Love’s Rhythm,” so of course when I saw another rock star book, I had to check it out! Beth Kery is an excellent romance writer so I knew I was in a for a wild ride.
      Wow! Where to start because there is a lot to talk about with this one. Christian is a rock star, a bonafide known all over the world rock star. He has come back to his home town to regroup, having blown out all of his creativity. Just by chance, at a fundraiser at his old school, he encounters Megan, a schoolteacher, and is instantly smitten. She seems so different than all of the women he normally encounters with a little wild side in her eyes.
      Megan has no idea who Christian is, absolutely no idea. When other people recognize him, she immediately chalks it up to people knowing him from the neighborhood. Why would a rock star be interested in a Catholic school teacher anyway? Megan is interested in Christian, but incredibly shy. It isn’t until she spends time with Christian that she understands who he truly is.
      As I started this novel, I didn’t think I was going to like Christian. He was haughty and frankly a bit egotistical. With that said, I think he needed to be that for us to understand how important it was for him to be just Christian and not Christian the rock star. And only Christian could really understand Megan, not Christian the rock star.
      I think one of the most unconventional aspects of the novel is Megan’s history. She had been sexually abused when she was extremely young, which would naturally make her uncomfortable with men let alone with intimacy. It was interesting to see this issue dealt with in the novel and her family’s issues regarding Christian as well.
     “Gateway to Heaven” was a fairly well balanced romance novel that I enjoyed. It’s true that at times the story dragged a little, but its nothing that a little skimming can’t fix. I’m hoping for a sequel if that tells you how much I enjoyed it!

Book Details
Publisher: Whiskey Creed Press LLC
Date of Publication: May 1, 2008
# of Pages: 161


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