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Blog Tour: "Close Contact" By: Cassandra Carr Review

Close Contact
Close Contact
By: Cassandra Carr, Cindy Carr &
Cristal Ryder

Synopsis from Goodreads
Hard-hitting contact sports don't have the only sexy professional athletes. Does the strength and grace of golf, tennis and fencing instructors extend to lustier activities? Find out as they turn these classic sports into full-contact steamy sessions.
Service Ace by Cassandra Carr

Callum Giovanni's professional tennis career is over. He's trying not to be bitter about it, even though it means teaching women more interested in not messing up their hair and nails than a good service. Then Adriana Macy appears, claiming to be a novice, but Callum knows there's more to her than meets the eye. How far does she want to take their personal match? The ball's in her court.  
Up to the Hilt by Cynthia Carr

Olympic fencing wunderkind Sebastian Como is Rina Rogers’ last resort to find someone who can instruct her toward her own Olympic medal. All her other trainers have balked, saying she is too impulsive, too unmanageable, too everything. Sebastian recognizes her talent and tells her he'll take her all the way. But does that include his bed? 
Playing Through by Cristal Ryder

A relationship is the last thing Lexie is looking for, especially one with a hot cowboy wanting golf lessons. It's all she can do to keep her focus on the game and off Jay’s hard muscled body and devilishly sexy face. But the more lessons they have, the farther his sexy drawl gets under her skin. 
Does he feel the attraction too? Mother Nature forces them to seek shelter as the power of nature lets loose around them. Will they go primal and unleash their attraction for one another amidst the rawness of the Rocky Mountains

My Thoughts
       A very quick, fun short story collection is what you get when you read Close Contact. Three stories that are excellently written and just the perfect length for you to read each one during a break at work, like I did!
      We begin with a short story from Cassandra Carr, a favorite of mine. Her story Service Ace, introduces us to ex-tennis star, Callum and his wanna be student, Adriana. A case of semi-hero worship ensues as Adriana is attracted to this Scottish hunk and what she knows of his past. Callum is bemoaning his fate as a tennis instructor but when he meets Adriana, he learns maybe his lot in life isn't so bad after all?
      Playing Through by Cristal Ryder tells the tale of Lexie and Jay, a teacher and student of golf who find what they are looking for in one another. Lexie finds herself teaching the perfect swing to Jay and in turn learns a few things herself about seduction. I loved the way Cristal used amazing imagery to get her point across, it felt so real.
He set his tee. He swung left, so his back was to her and she could watch him, appreciate his stance and natural ability. His feet were spread shoulder-width apart and planted firm. He held the club at the ball then began the backswing. His hips moved properly, his knee bent just right, and his down stroke was a beautiful arc, striking the ball perfectly then following through. It was a thing of beauty. Even if he wasn’t so damn hot, that swing alone would get her blood running like liquid fire through her veins. 
Who said golf couldn’t be sexy? She could watch him all day.
      Our final story was Up to the Hilt by Cindy Carr which had a bit of a fencing twist. Rina is taking fencing lessons and has went through five instructors simply because they weren't challenging her. Finally ending up with Sebastian Como, a star in the world of fencing, finds Rina falling in love and lust over the swings of her sword. I had to smile as I read this one, when Cindy describes Sebastian, I don't know of anyone who wouldn't want to meet him.
Finally, a man who could be no other than Sebastian Como, dressed in a black velvet warm-up suit, strolled out the door. “Holy shit,” she whispered. He was gorgeous. Sex on a spoon. About six-three with dark, curly hair, brilliant green eyes, and a killer smile. Plus, he appeared to be in his mid-twenties. He was awfully young to be a master fencer with his own academy, but she knew his story. Everyone in the business knew about him—boy genius, Olympic star and all, but the photo in the school's website hadn't done him justice by a long shot.
     All in all a well done trilogy of stories that sheds light on sports we don't see much in romance. The stories are pretty naughty in parts and definitely fall into the erotica category. At less than $3 at most retailers, this anthology is a great way to read some fun romance and meet three up and coming romance authors.

Book Details
Publisher: Sybarite Seductions
# of Pages: 85
Date of Publication: November 13, 2012

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