Saturday, February 23, 2013

"F in Exams" By: Richard Benson Review

F in Exams
By: Richard Benson

Synopsis from Goodreads
We've all been there. You've been studying hard, the day of the BIG test arrives, you turn over the paper, and 'what the *&%@ does that mean?!' Not a clue. 
This book is packed full of hilarious examples of the more creative ways that students have tackled those particularly awkward exam questions.
My Thoughts
     Always a sucker for crazy test answers, I find myself drawn to the “really? Really did they write that?” kind of answers. Pretty funny and packed full of answers to tests, I found myself laughing out loud to several of the quote, unquote answers. The only thing that bothered me was whether or not they were real. I looked over the book several times trying to see if it was just satirical or if it was real answers to tests, and I still don’t know. Regardless its a quick, funny book that I found in the middle of a bunch of boring nonfiction books.

A few of my favorite questions and answers are:
Give the names of two gases  that might contribute to global warming.1. Bottom Gas2. Cow burps
There are 300 students in the 10th grade. Mary and MArk want to find out the 10th grade’s favorite color. Mary asks 30 people. Mark asks 150 people. Mark says, “My conclusions are more likely to be reliable than Mary’s.” Why does Mark think he is right? A: Because Mark is a man
How high is Mount Everest?A: Depends on how much snowfall it has had since it was last measured.
What were the circumstances of Julius Caesar’s death?A: Suspicious ones
Book Details
Publisher: Summersdale
# of Pages: 127
Date of Publication: September 1, 2008
ISBN: 978-1840247008
Source: Library Checkout



  1. I love this book from paging through it at the bookstore where I work. I think it would be like reading the Damn You Autocorrect book, that I might get to laughing so hard I can't breathe. Or else as teacher I might just shake my head in commiseration and remembering similar answers I've gotten in my own classes.

  2. Ha - this book sounds hilarious! Sometimes you need a book like this that will just make you laugh.

  3. I've heard some great things about this book, and it just looks hilarious. I agree that I always look at these things with a skeptical eye because I just don't know if someone really had the guts to write some of those answers. At least they are good for a few laughs even if they are false.