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"Tight Quarters" By: Samantha Hunter Review

Tight Quarters
By: Samantha Hunter

Synopsis from Goodreads
In the years since a horrific car accident left her with a long list of phobias, Brenna Burke has overcome them all except one. Crippling claustrophobia—not a good trait for an aspiring travel writer. 
With an interview for her dream job looming, Brenna forces herself to board a train for a weekend tour through New York State…only to find her berth has been double booked. 
Retired NYPD detective Reid Cooper isn’t happy about the mix-up, or his attraction to his petite, sexy roommate. But as their up-close-and-personal weekend progresses, something remarkable happens. Being with Reid makes Brenna feel normal, unafraid of anything. 
After one passionate night, both are thinking beyond a mere weekend fling. But when Brenna’s last phobia pounces at the worst possible time, she could miss the last boarding call for happily ever after. 
Warning: This book contains a hot-to-the-touch hero and sizzling sex at high speeds.
My Thoughts
      Another train story, another novella, yet a totally new concept and a sizzling romance from Samantha Hunter. Brenna, a severe clausterphobic, is paired with a retired NYPD Police Detective called Reid Cooper. From the minute Brenna stepped on the train, I knew it was going to be a fantastic train adventure and I was completely right.
     Brenna has been claustrophobic, with a host of other neurosis disorders, since she was young. As a result of a car accident, she feared the outside world and closed spaces. Trying to overcome her fear and in the process, a new job as a travel writer, Brenna books a ride on a cross country train. She is surprised and quite petrified to realize her private car has been double booked and she is expected to share her quarters with a complete stranger.
    Reid retired from the NYPD a few months ago after being shot and decides he wants a new lease on life. When he meets the slightly weird woman he is expected to share a room with on the train, he is intrigued. He is amused by her intricate lists and interested in her actions and reasoning's behind them. While trying to understand her, he finds himself falling in love.
     In less than 80 pages, Hunter created a fully fleshed out romance that was quite wonderful. Brenna is so lost and seems hopelessly OCD and Reid is able to talk her through her panic attacks. He is the ying to her yang and Reid finds his missing parts within her. I thought the story was incredibly sweet while also being funny with a mixture of hotness thrown together. An exceptional anthology and a winner from Samantha. I wouldn't mind meeting my own Reid Cooper on my next train ride!

Book Details
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
# of Pages: 77
Date of Publication: April 2, 2013
ISBN: 978-1619213777
Source: From the Author for Review

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