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"No Good Duke Goes Unpunished" By: Sarah MacLean Review

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished (The Rules of Scoundrels, #3)
No Good Duke Goes Unpunished
By: Sarah MacLean

In NO GOOD DUKE GOES UNPUNISHED, the mysterious Temple is at best an inveterate womanizer who ruined his father’s future duchess, and at worst, a cold-blooded killer who murdered his future stepmother.
No one has seen Mara Lowe since she disappeared from her bedchamber on the morning of her wedding twelve years ago—leaving behind a drunken Temple.
Despite vehement claims of innocence, Temple was exiled from society, stripped of his funds and left to survive on his own.
He is the brawn behind the Fallen Angel club, and has given up on ever returning to society, until the missing Mara shows up and begs for his help.
My Thoughts
    Sarah MacLean is simply one divine author. I’ve been waiting for the battle hardened Temple to get his own book, and finally after what seems like forever waiting, I finally get my reward! Great characters, fabulous storyline, and sizzling sexual tension create one of the best romances of the year.
    Temple has always been the bruiser of the Fallen Angel club. Accused of being a murderer, Temple seems to have lived his life on the fringes of society. No one for sure confirming or disproving the one night Temple woke up covered in blood and a society darling missing.
    Mara Lowe had a good reason for disappearing that fateful night and now must reveal herself or risk her brother being ruined. Understandably, when she visits Temple and he realizes he has been framed for a murder he didn’t commit, there are a few sparks. Temple is furious and will only help Mara’s brother, if Mara herself basically ruins her reputation and comes back to society to clear his name.
     The sexual tension is high in this one and if anything it made me turn the pages faster. How far is Mara willing to go to save her brother, when she has duties that lie elsewhere? How can she balance the two halves of her old and new life. And Temple, whew. He’s a wipe your brow kind of hottie that I absolutely fell in love with. A great couple, Temple and Mara start with a simmer and end with a bonfire that burns bright.
      One of my favorite things about this series is the camaraderie between the owners of the Fallen Angel. Temple is fun loving, ornery, tough, and utterly masculine. Yet you can truly understand these other men are true friends and their friendships are tested to the limit. The dialogue between these rakes and former rakes, will make you laugh, shake your head, or just plain smile. So stinkin’ fun!!
     One of my favorite reads of the year, No Good Duke Goes Unpunished tells the story of professional fighter Temple and the strong, brave misunderstood Mara Lowe. Temple deserved a hell of a book and boy did he get it. Sizzling sexy times abound and only whet your appetite for the finale coming in 2014. All I have left to say is Thank You Sarah MacLean!!

Note: No good Duke Goes Unpunished is the third book in the The Rules of Scoundrels series. Be warned, if you haven’t read the others some aspects of this story may not make sense. I’m not saying you have to read the others, but it does help.

Book Details
Publisher: Avon
Date of Publication: November 26, 2013
# of Pages: 384
ISBN: 978-0062068545
Source: Edelweiss - for Review

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