Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"I Do!" By: Rachel Gibson Review

I Do!
By: Rachel Gibson

In New York Times bestselling author Rachel Gibson's newest novella, Vince Haven and Sadie Hollowell are headed to the altar, and all their friends are headed to Lovett, Texas, to join them for the party of the year.

But Becca Ramsey doesn't have time for all that. Fresh out of beauty school, Becca's all business … and the last thing she needs is bad boy Nate Parrish anywhere in her life.

In the past, Nate was trouble. He's been trying to repair his reputation—heck, he's even got just one girlfriend. The problem is, she isn't Becca. Now Nate's in a whole lot of hot water. He needs to get Becca from "I won't" to "I do" … but how can he do that when she won't even say "I might"?

My Thoughts
     Becca Ramsey is the local hairdresser in Lovett, Texas. She’s ready to handle the Sadie Hollowell’s hair for her big day, but before she can, Becca has to deal with Nate Parrish. Nate is the town’s mechanic, ultimate bad boy, and falls immediately for the slightly wild Becca.
     I am a huge fan of Gibson’s work and this novella is no different. Fun, quirky, and fast paced, Gibson’s voice shines through. Offering quick glimpses of our favorite characters from previous Lovett, Texas novels, the main portion of the romance centers around Becca and Nate. Will they, won’t they?
     Cute and a fun read, I enjoyed reading about past favorites and meeting both of these new characters. A great addition to the series offering a great look at what comes next, I enjoyed I Do! immensely and am eagerly anticipating Gibson’s next book!

Book Details
Date of Publication: January 20, 2015
ISBN: 9780062247513
Publisher: Avon Impulse
# of Pages: 150
Location: Texas
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