Friday, April 3, 2015

Guest Review: Djinn & Tonic By: Jasinda Wilder

Hi all! 
My name is Courtney. 
I'm at stay at home mom with a love for paranormal romance. My best friend, the lovely Brunette Librarian, introduced me to the world book romances. 
I've been hooked ever since.

Djinn & Tonic
By: Jasinda Wilder

A strange and inexplicable attack in his favorite watering hole leaves Detective Carson Hale with stitches, bruised ribs, and a concussion but yet Leila, the bartender, is mysteriously uninjured. While her lies and evasions set off Hale's instincts, her body sets off other alarms. Dangerous secrets and a complicated past drove Leila Najafi to Detroit, where she hoped to escape her family. Now, she's been discovered by the one man who could destroy her. At the worst possible time, sexy Detective Hale blows into her life and forces her to make a decision that could cause both heartbreak and war.
Courtney's Thoughts
I love me some paranormal romance. But when you hear those words you think vampires, werewolves/shifters, and angels/demons. Jasinda Wilder has just expanded my horizons with a little bit of magic. 

This story starts off with Detective Carson Hale where we left him in Jack and Djinn. Dazed and confused about the case involving Miriam and Jack. He is working it out the only way he knows how, gin and tonic. The not so normal waitress, Leila Najafi becomes his sounding board. Not that she minds. She wouldn't mind if Carson did alot more. Before they know it a hat sexy kiss turns into a trip to the hospital. 

Leila is basically royalty in her world, with the pain in the ass family to prove it. Her father is forced to marry her off to a nasty man Hassen. Leila wants nothing to do with that but she wants to protect her family. She finds her self between a rock and a hard place because her heart belongs to Carson. They have a long hard fight to make love prevail. 

We get to see Nadira, who we met briefly in book one. This time she is kicking butt and taking names. I can only hope she has a book in the works. 

We also get to see Jack and his grandfather, Shawn. That old man is becoming one of my favorite fictional characters lol  

My favorite thing about Jack & Djinn and now Djinn & Tonic are the strong female characters. So many times I have read about weak women that need to be saved. I like it when the women do the saving. Jasinda Wilder knows how to make em tough :)

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  1. I haven't read J. Wilder's books yet, but I've heard about her - not about that series, however. I love strong female characters, so I'm adding this one to my list ;)