Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Go Fetch" By: Shelly Laurenston Review

"Go Fetch" 

Synopsis from Barnes and Noble:

      How much trouble can one small female be to a modern-day shapeshifting Viking? really depends on local gun laws. Conall Viga-Feilan, direct descendant of Viking shifters, never thought he'd meet a female strong enough to be his mate. He especially didn't think a short, viper-tongued human would ever fit the bill. But Miki Kendrick isn't some average human. With an IQ off the charts and a special skill with weapons of all kinds, Miki brings the big blond pooch to his knees-and keeps him there. Miki's way too smart to ever believe in love and she knows a guy like Conall could only want one thing from her. But with the Pack's enemies on her tail and a few days stuck alone with the one man who makes her absolutely wild, Miki is about to discover how persistent one Viking wolf can be. This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release. 

My Thoughts:
     "Go Fetch" is the second book in the "Magnus Pack" series by Shelly Laurenston. This book features Connall and Miki, friends of the people from the first book. Connall is a big ol' bear "wolf" and Miki is the incredibly smart, kinda crazy uber smart girl.
     There isn't much plot in this book - smart girl has a crush on big wolf...some people want to fight for power over the wolves and there is happily ever after. Nothing too exciting or outrageous, but it is still a sweet short story. Lots of naughty parts so be prepared, but if you've read the first in this series, you'll probably enjoy this second story.

By: Shelly Laurenston


  1. I love this entire series.. my partner in crime and in Bodice Rippers got me hooked.. I even have a nick name based on two of the characters..

    It is a funny, crazy, rather insane series and yet the friendship, love and romance comes shining through..

    BUT this Magnus Pack is nowhere near as good as her Pride Series or her Dragon series.. I say get through these three books but the series starts to shine later on

  2. Shelly's Pride series and her Dragonkin series (written under G A Aiken) are much better. The humor and sexiness of these shifters is wonderful.....

    Miki and Connall are an odd couple, that is true and a few of the characters from Shelley's Pack series do make a couple of cameos in her Pride series...crossing over....Sarah, Angelina and of course, a few of the Van Holtz pack....

    Blayne and Bo are two of my favorite characters from Beast Behaving Badly...and who doesn't love Gwenvael...such a smexy dragon...*smiles*

    Bodice Rippers Femme Fatales and Fantasy

  3. Sounds interesting! I haven't heard of this series before but definitely would like to read now :]

  4. I love her books and this is a cute title since it deals with wolves :)

  5. Sounds intriguing.... the word fetch reminds me of MEAN GIRLS... hahaha!