Sunday, January 22, 2012

"The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie" By: Jennifer Ashley Review

"The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie" 
By: Jennifer Ashley

Synopsis from Barnes and Noble:
      The year is 1881. Meet the Mackenzie family--rich, powerful, dangerous, eccentric. A lady couldn't be seen with them without ruin. Rumors surround them--of tragic violence, of their mistresses, of their dark appetites, of scandals that set England and Scotland abuzz. 
      The youngest brother, Ian, known as the Mad Mackenzie, spent most of his young life in an asylum, and everyone agrees he is decidedly odd. He's also hard and handsome and has a penchant for Ming pottery and beautiful women. 
      Beth Ackerley, widow, has recently come into a fortune. She has decided that she wants no more drama in her life. She was raised in drama--an alcoholic father who drove them into the workhouse, a frail mother she had to nurse until her death, a fussy old lady she became constant companion to. No, she wants to take her money and find peace, to travel, to learn art, to sit back and fondly remember her brief but happy marriage to her late husband. ...And then Ian Mackenzie decides he wants her. 
 My Thoughts:
      I have told of my love for Jennifer Ashley’s books, but I’ve never shared my first and favorite book…which I have just reread! There are very few romance novels out there featuring mentally challenged heroes. “The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie” tackles aspberger’s syndrome, showing the good and bad sides of people, all the while cranking up the romance!
      Ian MacKenzie is the brother of a Duke, has an incredible memory, is extremely intelligent, yet he doesn’t understand emotions, fixates on physical objects and doesn’t have close connections with people. He meets Beth Ackerly one evening at a local theater and his life is never the same. She connects with him differently than other people do and he is strangely drawn to her. Beth likes Ian, even thinks him a little peculiar, yet she is drawn to him on a level she’s never experienced before.
       One of the best things about this novel is the characterization. They are well drawn, have had lives with rich experiences, and connect in ways other romance novels can’t even touch. There are actual obstacles to overcome, its not just a simple he loves her, she loves him kind of story. Great secondary characters, who hopefully are getting their own stories, round out a wonderful, heartfelt romance. 

Book Details
Publisher: Leisure Books
Date of Publication: May 2009
# of Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-0843960434


  1. I loved The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie. All of the other got a book but this one was the best.

  2. I loved this one, I think it made my favorite read list in 2009. I have the next one on my bookshelf but haven't read it yet.