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"His Mistress By Christmas" By: Victoria Alexander Review

"His Mistress By Christmas"
By: Victoria Alexander

Synopsis from
For three years, Lady Veronica Smithson has been perfectly happy as a widow — and thoroughly independent. Still, the right gentleman could provide the benefits of marriage without the tedious restrictions. And in Sir Sebastian Hadley-Attwater, renowned explorer and rogue, Veronica is sure she has found him. Sebastian will come into his inheritance in a matter of weeks — if his family deems him responsible enough. There’s no better way to prove his maturity than with a home and a wife. But though the lovely Veronica will share his bed, she steadfastly refuses to marry. However, Sebastian has a plan. An intimate sojourn at his new country house will surely change Veronica’s mind. For Sebastian never takes no for an answer. And even in the midst of mischief-making relatives and unexpected complications, he intends to persuade his Christmas mistress that they belong together — in this, and every season to come...

My Thoughts:
     “His Mistress By Christmas” is by Victoria Alexander, a veteran romance author I had never tried before. I meant to read this book before Christmas, but time got away from me, so I read it shortly after! I was still in the Christmas spirit somewhat.
     Lady Veronica is a widow who is ready for a little naughtiness in her life. She feels that she has lived by herself for too long and looks to find a man to fulfill her life. She doesn’t want to marry, she has to keep her independence, but she is looking for a little male companionship. Enter Sebastian Hadley-Attwater, an explorer who has just returned to England. He isn’t attached to anyone, seems intelligent, and he is looking for a little female companionship as well. So Veronica chooses Sebastian, not knowing Sebastian is really looking for a wife.
      The romance in this book seemed stilted. The entire situation between Veronica and Sebastian seems improbable and forced. You don’t really see the characters warming to one another or developing a relationship…they pretty much meet and then suddenly they’re together. While the secondary characters make the story charming at times, I doubt I will be picking up any more books in this series or by this author.

Book Details
Publisher: Kensington
Date of Publication: October 1, 2011
# of Pages: 352

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