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"Curve Ball" By: Charlotte Stein Review

Curve Ball
By: Charlotte Stein

Synopsis from Goodreads
When Judy Myers is offered a relaxing vacation to get away from her latest heartbreak, she can’t say no. A cruise on her brother’s yacht sounds like heaven...until she realizes her brother’s best friend has been invited along for the ride.
Steven Stark is big, he’s loud, and he’s obviously not interested in the plump, plain little sister he used to tease unmercifully. In fact, he’s still quite happy to tease her – until she turns the tables on him. Now Steven can’t seem to keep his thoughts, or his hands, to himself. And worse, Judy’s not sure she can resist the attraction she’s kept buried for so many years.
Being trapped on a boat isn’t the best place to be, when you’re suddenly thrown a hunky curveball.

My Thoughts
     A free read over a weekend, I saw Curve Ball featured a chunky heroine and I couldn’t help myself so I picked it up. Being somewhat of a zaftig lady myself, its nice to find books featuring the bigger ladies. Free and with a unique heroine I was excited, but sadly I disliked this book so much it almost turned into a DNF.
       The whole novella is filled with Judy feeling bad about herself. Lots of internal dialogue but its almost completely about how fat she is, how large she is, no can find her attractive, and on and on and on. It was exhausting.
      For someone with all of these body issues, Judy has no problem allowing her brother’s misogynistic and somewhat sexist friend Steven ,to secretly sneak into her bed...then he acts as if it never happened. Suddenly Steven is professing his love for her and all is well. Does it sound rushed and not well planned, because it is.
      I will mention this is a novella, so there isn’t a lot of character development as with a regular novel. With that being said, the author could have done quite a bit more with the time she had. I didn’t care for the plot, the characters, and I even disliked the setting, which takes place mostly on a boat. Everything was hurried, character motivations didn’t jive, and frankly, Judy needs a class in self-esteem before she needs a boyfriend.

Book Details
Date of Publication: January 21, 2013
ISBN: 978-1909520677
Source: Personal Purchase

#22 for the 2013 Where are You Reading Challenge {Spain}

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