Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Strangers on a Train Tour: Giveaway & Guest Post from Samantha Hunter

Welcome to my stop on the Strangers on a Train Tour! 

I am so happy to welcome author extraordinaire, Samantha Hunter. I loved her book Tight Quarters and I know you will too!

Samantha! We are absolutely delighted to welcome you here today!
Thank you! I’ve been looking forward to it, too! 

Congratulations on the release of your newest novel. I absolutely loved every story! Such a neat concept and you have very great company within the anthology.
I had AMAZING company – all of the books are so different, and yet I love them all. I’m so glad you do, too. :)

Can you tell us how the stories evolved?
It was one of those Twitter miracles you hear about now and then. ;) We’re hoping it will bring in as much money as the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign. ;)

I kid, but truly, that would be great. :)

One morning Ruthie was tweeting about a Tumblr blog that she’d seen showing pictures of guys on trains. I clicked the link. It was the first time I’d ever seen that kind of thing, a photo blog (I haven’t been on Tumblr much) and I popped out a tweet about how inspiring it was for books. Sort of joking, I brainstormed a quick suspense storyline. Ruthie brainstormed back, and then Donna Cummings joined in the conversation, and soon things went to DM (direct message) and email, and within a day or two, we got Serena Bell and Meg Maguire on board (so to speak!) and that was that. A series was born. It was really just that fast and easy.

How closely did you work with the other authors in the anthology?
We all worked separately on our own ideas (Ruthie was lightning fast that I recall; she had hers written before any of the rest of us had even started.) I was finishing a Blaze at that point, and I know Meg and Donna were working on other things, and so we had to juggle schedules a bit, but it caused no problems at all. We set deadlines and a basic process, and off we went. We were amazed from the start how there was no overlap – we all came up with very different takes on the theme.

Once everyone had an idea of their stories, we shared synopses and thoughts, and we all adjusted based on each other’s feedback. I really did hope to do a mini-suspense plot, but there just isn’t room in that short of a story, so I came up with another idea that ended up being TIGHT QUARTERS.

Then we all shared drafts and manuscripts, garnered as much feedback as we could, and Ruthie offered us all with a final copyedit and formatted the manuscripts before they went to Anne Scott at Samhain. It was a very easy, cooperative process, and one of the best group writing experiences I’ve had. I think the books were all the better for it as well – I wish I could talk them into working on all of my books with me this way. ;)

So tell us honestly....have you ever had a romance on a train?
Alas, I’ve been on very few trains except for city subways, and sad to say, I’ve never had a romance on a train. I think trains are very romantic though, even just hearing the whistles as they speed down the track.

Probably the closest I’ve come to a romantic moment on a train (kind of), is when my husband and I were in San Francisco on a trolley and we had one of those classic moments where the car goes up a steep hill and I teetered backwards. He caught me and stole a kiss. It was very sweet and felt like one of those post card moments. Does that count? ;)

Working in a library, I’m always interested in an author's thoughts on libraries. Do you have any fond memories?
I can’t imagine the world without libraries. They’ve been a part of my life forever. I do have a fun memory from when I was a kid, being about 12 and sitting in the stacks of our local library reading all of the James Bond (Iam Flemming) books, and I LOVED them. I’m watching all the movies now, in order, and wonder if I should re-read the books, too.

My husband and I have always belonged to all the local university libraries (where I practically lived as a grad student), and we just rejoined our local community library as well. 

It really helped us feel like members of our community! Go Librarians! :)
Maybe we have to do a series based in libraries next? Strangers in the Library? ;) We’ll have to see. All kinds of things could happen in libraries. . . .
I am all for a Strangers in the Library anthology! 

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  1. Great Interview! Really enjoyed this series.

  2. Thanks for the great review, and for having me by today. I'll be around now and then to answer any other questions folks might have :)

    And thanks to The Raunch Dilettante for stopping by, too :)

  3. Hello Samantha!! :)

    Do you have any future plans for writing another anthology with the girls?

  4. I can't wait to get my hands on this one!! :) Sounds like a great group of stories.

    romancebookluvr AT gmail *d8t* c0m

  5. Hi again!

    Hi Sarah -- Thanks for stopping by :)

    We don't have any plans, unfortunately -- we have joked about more "transportation" books, but I suspect this was a one-time thing. Of course, you never know. :)

    Right now, we're all in the middle of several writing contracts, and so forth, so it would be tough to coordinate, but I'm glad we managed to do it this time. :)


  6. Great interview! Love the trolley story, Sam! And right back atcha about the collaboration & the company. I couldn't feel luckier.

  7. Hey there -- just speeding through on my lunch break, but I wanted to say this is a wonderful interview. I loved the group process too, and feel so lucky that I was on Twitter that day. :) Now that Strangers in a Library idea has started to take root in my brain. LOL


  8. Oops, my first attempt at commenting didn't work. Let's try this again!

    This is a great interview, and I loved the group process--I'm so glad I was on Twitter that day! And now that Strangers in a Library idea is sounding pretty intriguing too. LOL


  9. I love the story of the stolen kiss on the teetering trolley -- and am crossing my fingers for a chance to win a copy of the book. :)

  10. Morning Connie -- now you guys have me thinking I need to write a trolley story. ;) I actually have a book set in San Fransisco using research from that trip we took, lots of the places we visited in the area are in the book (YOURS FOR THE NIGHT), and I never did put those two on a trolley... just hit me. LOL Oh well. :)


  11. I love the idea of this series, but then I've always been a fan of trains.

  12. Stevie, do you ride a lot of trains? Any interesting stories? ;)


  13. I love your inspiration story! And I kind of want to see the Tumblr page!