Saturday, February 4, 2012

Children's Book Saturday - "Friends All Aflutter"

"Owly & Wormy: Friends All Aflutter"
By: Andy Runton

Synopsis from
Owly & Wormy want butterflies! But when they come home from Mrs. Raccoon's nursery with a milkweed plant that's supposed to attract some fluttering friends, what they get instead are chubby, green bugs.
Green bugs are NOT butterflies! Will butterflies ever come to the forest? Only time will tell...

My Thoughts:
     An incredibly cute book...told entirely through pictures. I rarely pick up a title that has no words, I prefer the pictures to wok in conjunction with the story. However, I loved the cover and just had to check this one out!
     The photos tell this story beautifully. The two main characters, Owly and Wormy, are looking to make some butterfly friends, so they go to purchase a plant that will bring the butterflies near. Instead they get two bugs and they slowly become friends. Suddenly, their new friends disappear and on the last pages of the book, it is revealed the bug friends are actually butterflies. 
Image used from the Junior Library Guild Website
     Aren't the photos great? This is one of my favorite images - check out how happy that caterpillar in the hat is chomping down on the plant. Incredle artwork and a funny story. Great for children with reading problems and a simple story to follow.

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