Saturday, February 18, 2012

Children's Book Saturday - "Mudkin"

By: Stephen Gammell

Synopsis from Amazon:
When a girl playing pretend in the mud looks into a puddle, she conjures up something fantastic and ends up a queen.

My Thoughts:
      I hate to say anything bad about a children's book, because 1) I'm not a child, so not the intended audience and 2) there is just sooo much work that goes into these books between the stories and the illustrations...BUT, this may be the weirdest little children's book I have ever read!
     There are perhaps only 30 words in the entire book, so much of the book is told through the illustrations. While eerily interesting, its hard to follow the flow of the story or understand much of what is going on. I think a little mud being comes out of the ground and makes the girl his queen...but I'm not real sure. I think mud people come out to serve the mud royalty, but again, I really didn't understand it. Not a book for me and definitely not a good read aloud to children.   
Illustration from Lerner Books - Copyrighted by Stephen Gammell

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  1. I appreciated your honest review. The cover looks so great- sorry it wasn't as good as it looks. I will have to flip through it if I come across it!