Friday, March 2, 2012

Book Spotlight: "Every Time I Think of You"

"Every time I Think of You"
By: Camryn Rhys

Madison Bishop’s fantasy man, Drew Wingate, doesn’t know she exists. Unfortunately, when he does recognize her curvy hotness, he’s in the midst of a celibacy challenge; the outcome of which could make or break his career. He’s not allowed to talk about the challenge until it’s complete, but Madison is just so delectable, and so … willing. But when Madison takes his reticence as some kind of game-playing, she wonders if she’s been all wrong about the man of her dreams.

        Madison Bishop placed the still-warm vibrator on the vanity and stared at her naked reflection with a dry smile. “Congratulations, honey. You’ve just popped your own cherry.”
She thought that sentence would be funnier if she said it out loud. It wasn’t.
“How does it feel not to be a virgin anymore?” Madison cranked the hot water in the bathtub to full blast and watched the steam curl toward her.
“It feels great, Bob,” she mimicked, touching the tip of the pink silicone that had just been inside her. Even with the smooth echo of the bathroom, her voice sounded flat. “And now I’m going to Disney World.” When the bath was full, she climbed in, pressed the jets button, and let them go to work on her aching body.
The vibrator had been a gift, as had the body wash, though not from the same friend. And the lingerie had come from a different friend. The lube from another.
Okay, ladies, I get the message.
The water didn’t remain hot for long, so she rinsed off more quickly than she wanted to and curled into her plush, purple towel. She’d gotten into bed half an hour ago, apparently with her virginity intact. And now, she was climbing back in, still wrapped in a slightly soggy bath towel, her cherry gone, vibrator still in her hand. She’d expected to feel different. Other than a little soreness at the point of impact, she felt exactly the same.
Cleaner from the bath. Still hungry. And a little sore inside, in places the vibrator couldn’t reach.
It was a talented little machine, but not that talented.

About the Author: Camryn Rhys
Camryn Rhys grew up on the border of Canada and the US, and still hasn’t decided which country to call home. She splits her time between the Alberta and Montana Rocky Mountains, with friends and family in both beautiful locations. After running her own restaurant for several years and acquiring advanced degrees in writing, foodie romance seemed the only logical option. When she’s not watching the Food Network, she’s reading a romance novel, or if absolutely necessary, working as a consultant. Someone has to put really excellent food on the table.

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