Saturday, March 24, 2012

Children's Book Saturday "A Color Game for Chester Raccoon" By: Audrey Penn

"A Color Game for Chester Raccoon"
By: Audrey Penn
Synopsis from Amazon:
In this new Kissing Hand board book, Audrey Penn brings us more maternal wisdom to solve another of early childhood’s little issues. Whether on a trip, in a restaurant or a store, children can become bored and fussy. Chester’s Favorite Game provides an activity that will entertain young children anywhere -- finding things in many colors: White, blue, yellow, red, orange, brown, and black.
My Thoughts:
     Definitely geared towards a very young age group, "A Color Game for Chester Raccoon" is a delightful story about Chester learning his colors. Written in verse, Chester goes throughout his world pointing out animals who have certain colors. It's a really sweet story that teaches colors through real world situations. 
     I enjoyed the verse, but I simply did not care for the illustrations. They didn't seem finished to me and I kept feeling like the pencil markings should have been smoothed out. I'm sure that was the intention, yet I didn't like it at all. The story is great for teaching though, so don't let the illustrations throw you off too much. This would be a great read aloud and I can see children having fun interacting with the book.
      Audrey Penn is a prolific children's author who has many titles under her belt. For more information on other titles and upcoming books, check out her website at

The book "A Color Game for Chester Raccoon" was sent to me in return for an honest review from Netgalley

Book Details
Publisher: Tanglewood Press
Date of Publication: March 20, 2012
# of Pages: 14
ISBN: 978-1933718583

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