Saturday, March 3, 2012

Children's Book Saturday - "The Terrible Plop"

"The Terrible Plop"
By: Ursula Dubosarsky

Synopsis from Amazon:
     In this uproarious update of a favorite story, an unexplained noise leads to pandemonium among the animals. The fox, the elephant, even the big brown bear prove no match for the Terrible Plop. Only the littlest bunny learns not to panic when the sky—or something else up there—is falling.     Bright, energetic illustrations and a lively rhyming text combine to make this a perfect read-aloud story for little ones needing assurance that plops in the day or bumps in the night aren’t as scary as they might seem.
My Thoughts: 
    Another Saturday morning, another children's book for me! I am pretty guilty of being a cover lover and this book is no exception. How can you not pick it up with that grumpy old bear on the cover? Seriously! 
     "The Terrible Plop" tells the story of some forest animals and a terrible noise that seems to be worrying everyone. They try to drink and suddenly a huge scary monster makes all kinds of noise and scares everyone. In the end its not a scary monster at all, but apples falling in the pond but its an awfully cute premise of a book with adorable pictures.
Page from "The Terrible Plop"
Illustrated by: Andrew Joyner
          I really enjoyed this book and thought it was cleverly created. The pictures are relate-able and funny while the story is engaging. I'm hoping to use this book this summer with some of my summer school activities at the library I work at. Very cute and an awesome read for everyone!
The last page of "The Terrible Plop" I love that rabbit!
Illustrated by: Andrew Joyner
Product Details
Publisher: Farror, Straus, and Giroux
Date of Publication: August 18, 2009
# of Pages: 40
ISBN: 978-0374374280

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