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"Mate Claimed" By: Jennifer Ashley Review

"Mate Claimed"
By: Jennifer Ashley

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Eric Warden knows that half-Shifter wildcat Iona is passing for human, living without a Collar in the human world. He also knows that if she does not acknowledge her Shifter nature and her mating hunger, it could kill her. Iona finds the mysterious and dangerous Eric, a wildcat and leader of his Shiftertown, haunting her dreams, but she vows never to "come out" and take the Collar, fearing backlash against her mother and sister for hiding the fact that she's Shifter. But Eric is a compelling Shifter male, and Iona's hunger calls to him.
My Thoughts:
     So I’ve been a fan of the Shifter’s series since the very first full length book, "Pride Mates." Something about a half human, half wildcat barely tamed kind of makes me happy. Weird but its such a neat take on a tired theme (Lora Leigh anyone?) that I jumped at the chance to read this one when it appeared on Edelweiss.
     Eric is the head of a shifter town we haven’t been explored very much. “Wild Cat” deals with Eric’s sister, if you were wondering how the books were related. Back to the shifters - Eric stops in at a bar one night and notices this girl. He knows she’s part shifter, but no one else seems to. When he confronts her about it, she’s shocked because no one else had ever suspected besides her mom and her sister.
    In Ashley’s world, all of the Shifters had to take a special collar in order to be tamed. The collar keeps their adrenaline levels down and ensures they don’t hurt one another or in particular, humans. So an uncollared shifter, with no training or family to fall back on, is a pretty big deal and Eric isn’t about to let loose Iona on the world. So he takes it upon himself to help her transition into the Shiftertown culture.
     Eric and Iona are two pretty special characters. This may sound strange, but I loved Eric’s love for his family. Having had a fairly hard life and a wife to die during childbirth, Eric should be pretty hardened individual. But he isn’t. He is open to the future, wanting things to change for the better and fighting off those who would have them go back to the dark days of before. Iona is so free, it would be lovely just to be that open and free with people.
     “Mate Claimed” is a fantastic addition to Ashley’s Shifter Series. Utterly original and really fun, fans of the series will cheer when Eric and Iona finally find what they’ve been missing in one another. Can’t wait until the next title, “Tiger Magic” arrives in 2013!

I received this title from Edelweiss, in exchange for an honest review.

Book Details
Publisher: Penguin
Date of Publication: October 2, 2012
# of Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-1101611470

Shifter Made
Pride Mates
Primal Bonds
Wild Cat
Hard Mated
Mate Claimed
Tiger Magic (Coming in 2013)

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