Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mexico Audrain Library Visit

So I recently traveled to Mexico, Missouri for a training day. 

We talked about databases, and while that was fun, 
I spent the afternoon walking about checking out all that is the Mexico-Audrain Library

Gorgeous, with a fantastic staff and a wonderful story, 
it was a pretty great afternoon.
Fiction Stacks
So, I'm going to admit, I might have talked one of my friendly librarian friends into giving us a tour of the library. 

So ready for the cool story?

Originally, the library was in an old Carnegie building. 

My library is a Carnegie, so I love it, but the Mexico Library soon grew out of it. So they moved into the old post office. A HUGE HUGE HUGE building. And then they GREW out of that, so they actually bought the old Carnegie back and moved it NEXT to the Post Office.

The following pictures are in the "new" building but in the "old" Carnegie. 

Check out that window!

Lovely Mexico Librarian explaining to us how they moved the Carnegie to its current location.

Loved this so much!

How awesome are these posts?
Nonfiction stacks - The ceiling with the green walls just provided such a serene place to be.

 After exploring the Carnegie building, we headed over to the old post office side of the library.

 The library was filled to the brim!
Displays abounded! 

Super neat artist rendering of the move!

I didn't go upstairs, but just up these stairs were all of the Children's materials

Young Adult Books...

The ceilings were gorgeous everywhere you looked.

"Front" of the library. 

"Side" view of the library

Carnegie Library

Both the old post office and the old Carnegie create one pretty awesome library.
So if you are ever in Mexico, Missouri...
be sure to check out their amazing library. 

Great people and a fun environment filled with books. 
Can it get any better?

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