Friday, November 4, 2011

"Scandalous Desires" By: Elizabeth Hoyt Review

I bought this book knowing it was going to be amazing because it was by Elizabeth Hoyt

Today's review is of "Scandalous Desires"

Synopsis from Barnes & Noble:

Can a pirate learn that the only true treasure lies in a woman's heart?
Widowed Silence Hollingbrook is impoverished, lovely, and kind--and nine months ago she made a horrible mistake. She went to a river pirate for help in saving her husband and in the process made a bargain that cost her her marriage. That night wounded her so terribly that she hides in the foundling home she helps run with her brother. Except now that same river pirate is back...and he's asking for her help.
"Charming" Mickey O'Connor is the most ruthless river pirate in London. Devastatingly handsome and fearsomely intelligent, he clawed his way up through London's criminal underworld. Mickey has no use for tender emotions like compassion and love, and he sees people as pawns to be manipulated. And yet he's never been able to forget the naive captain's wife who came to him for help and spent one memorable night in his bed...talking.
When his bastard baby girl was dumped in his lap--her mother having died--Mickey couldn't resist the Machiavellian urge to leave the baby on Silence's doorstep. The baby would be hidden from his enemies and he'd also bind Silence to him by her love for his daughter.

My Thoughts:
     Ok, I've got that out of my system. This book was simply amazing. If you are a fan of historical romance, this book is for you. Even if you are just a fan of a good romance, this is just the book for you. I read this book in 2 and a half hours, if that's even any indication on how fast I devoured this story.
     Silence has been featured in the two stories before this, "Notorious Pleasures" and "Wicked Intentions."  She had been married to William and thought she had the perfect marriage. Cargo is stolen from one of her husband's ships and she goes to notorious "Charming Mickey" to ask for the cargo back...or her husband will be arrested. Mickey agrees to give the cargo back, only if she'll spend the night with him. Nothing happens, but William suspects something pretty terrible and begins to distrust Silence. William is then lost at sea ending Silence's so-called perfect marriage.
     A baby is left on Silence's doorstep. She doesn't know where the child has come from, but she begins to love the little girl she calls Mary Darling. At the ending of "Notorious Pleasures," Mary Darling is abducted and Silence is on the hunt to find her.
      So at the beginning of this story, Silence has located Mary in the hands of Mickey. Mickey claims he is Mary's Father and is needing to protect the little girl now that his enemies know where the little girl is located. He refuses to let Silence take her home, but suggests that Mary and Silence both stay with him. 
      What follows is a magical love story. Mickey is rough, brash, and a pirate. Silence is fairly sheltered and has never been around someone like him. They both learn to grow and change...with the little girl, Mary between them. 
     The characters are richly written with strong back stories. Mary, the little girl, is a welcome addition to the story. The servants in Mickey's home are funny and remind me strongly of the servants from "Beauty and the Beast." They realize how important Silence is to Mickey, even if he doesn't.
     I can't say enough great things about this book. Perhaps one of the best books I've read this year. Can't wait for the next chapter in the Maiden lane series. I'm definitely waiting impatiently. A strong 5 Star book!

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