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Q: In light of 11.11.11 and Veteran’s Day tell us about your favorite solider and how he or she is saving the world. Fictional or real life.

I thought I'd talk about 
the only female winner of the Medal of Honor: 
Mary Edwards Walker

     I've been doing a program this week about veteran's...and the people are so surprised that only one woman has won the Medal of Honor. It was over 100 years ago, but her story is pretty extraordinary.
     Mary received her medical degree before the Civil War. She worked as a doctor and when the Civil War began, she volunteered to serve as a medic. The military looked down on her...she was a woman, she couldn't possibly be a competent doctor. 
     They finally realized her abilities in the field and Mary was known for rushing into battle and helping suffering soldiers. She worked as an unpaid field surgeon near the Union front lines and was an intregal part of the medical teams in several battles including the Battle of Fredericksburg, Chattanooga and the Battle of Chickamauga.
     After the war, Mary was given a pension of  $8.50 (later raised to $20). She lived the rest of her life as a doctor and spent a lot of time administering to women's hospitals and orphan's homes.
     She was given the Medal of Honor for her services in the war. Walker was recommended for the Medal of Honor by Generals William Tecumseh Sherman and George Henry Thomas. On November 11, 1865, (146 years ago today!!) President Andrew Johnson signed a bill to present her the medal, specifically for her services at the First Battle of Bull Run. 
     So here's the kicker...They TOOK AWAY HER MEDAL! Yep, Congress passed a law in 1917 that stripped Mary of her Medal. The Army said it was because she was a civilian, but who knows the real reason. Mary refused to give the Medal of Honor back and wore it every day.
      An amazing woman, definitely a progressive before her time. She is one of the reasons America is great...paving the way for women in other fields and areas and saving lives while she's doing it. :)


  1. GREAT post! I actually used to live on a military base with my husband and our street name was Bull Run!


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  2. Wow, thank you for sharing that story! That was a blessing and an inspiration to read about--I'm glad you were researching this topic. :-)

  3. I love this post SO MUCH! Happy Friday!

  4. Only one? And 100 years ago? Wow... also, librarians are awesome. Look at the kind of FF's you give us!

  5. Man, I really wanted to be your #50 follower :/ Grrrrr. But anywho, what an interesting story. Mary sounds great, and this just proves how much Congress sucks for trying to take her medal away! I'm proud of her for refusing to give it back and wearing it. That was her medal, and it sounds like she earned it. I love learning new things, so thanks for this!
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  6. That is so interesting. I have never heard of Walker, although I have read several books about Elizabeth Blackwell. Thanks for visiting my site!

  7. Very, very, cool story. I loved it!
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  8. Great feature! I just heard about Mary on the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast. It was fascinating.
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  12. Hey, WOW she sounds like a facinating woman and I cant believe they took away her medal! DOUCHE BAGS!

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  13. What an amazing woman!

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  14. Hey, love your answer, I didn't know that. And I gotta say the trying to take it away really doesn't surprise me. Then ppl wonder why we have feminists now lol. Happy FF ;)
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  15. awesome post! i learned something new today! Thank you!

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  16. Wow!!! I had no idea! I want to read the book and watch the movie:) Thanks so much for this post! Oh and thanks for stopping by my FF:)

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  18. Wow, that's a brilliant story. I cannot believe there was only one woman and that they then had the audavity to strip her of her medal!!! Men...!
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  19. Great Story, Good for her wearing it everyday, if she was given a medal in recognition, no one should ever try to take it from her!

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  20. Wow, what an amazing story. I never learned about Mary so I'm so glad for the insight! Its a shame they stripped her of her medal. Civilian or not, she did extraordinary things for our country during a time when women were given very limited opportunities. Here's to Mary!

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  21. Good for her! For just keeping it as well, could you imagine the press if someone actually had to yank it off her. ;)

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  22. Great story! All the Medal of Honor winners are pretty incredible, but I'm shocked they tried to take hers away!

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  24. That's an amazing story. Thanks for sharing this.

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  25. Wow, thank you! I had never heard of her and more people definitely should. After everything she did, UNpaid and saving lives in the heat of battle...I can't believe they took her medal back but I'm glad she didn't give it back. What a woman.

    Happy Veteran's Day!

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  26. A truly great story about a great woman.

  27. That was an amazing story! It is very sad that only one woman was giving the Medal of Honor only to have it taken away by the country she served. Thank you so much for sharing her story!

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  28. What a great story!

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  29. Wow what a fantastic story. People like Mary have allowed us to be as fortunate as we are today.

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  30. Great post and this is such an amazing story!!
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  31. Great answer! Her story is very inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

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  33. I didn't know about that! Thanks for sharing. Great answer!

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  36. That is a great post, I had not idea that only one female has been awarded with the Medal of Honor. Thanks for stopping by my FF

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  37. Thanks for visiting and this was great post. I had little chills running up my arms whenever I read historical figures. Amazing woman. :)

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  40. Wow what an amazing story. I vaguely remember hearing about her in one of my history classes--but the teacher did little more than say her name and that she was a woman doctor. I will have to find out more about her!


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