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"Hyperbole & A Half" By: Allie Brosh Review

Hyperbole and a Half: 
Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened
By: Allie Brosh

This is a book I wrote. Because I wrote it, I had to figure out what to put on the back cover to explain what it is. I tried to write a long, third-person summary that would imply how great the book is and also sound vaguely authoritative--like maybe someone who isn’t me wrote it--but I soon discovered that I’m not sneaky enough to pull it off convincingly.
So I decided to just make a list of things that are in the book:
PicturesWordsStories about things that happened to meStories about things that happened to other people because of meEight billion dollars*Stories about dogsThe secret to eternal happiness*
My Thoughts
     I absolutely picked up this book because it was a 2013 Goodreads Choice Winner for Humor. I didn’t know what could be funnier than Wallbanger or Jim Gaffigan’s Dad is Fat, so I knew I had to read Hyperbole and a Half. After waiting for my library to get it in, I brought home this cute little book and tucked in immediately.
    I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. Having had no prior experience with Allie Brosh or her web comics, I was surprised at how enchanted I was with her drawings and storytelling. Extremely smart and just plain funny, this was the first book in a long time where I laughed out loud and actually had to set the book down to control my laughter.
    I have a slightly grumpy weenie dog named Daisy Jane and Allie’s comics about her “simple” dog hit the nail right on the head. Her drawings made me laugh because they absolutely related what it is like to have a not so smart dog and their different facial expressions.
     Incredibly cute and funny, I found myself absolutely enjoying Hyperbole and a Half. When it was finished, I wanted more...which is really saying something, considering this book clocks in at over 350 pages. Some of the comics I laughed at and enjoyed more than others, but that’s to be expected, isn’t it? Glad I gave it a chance, overall a very cute and fun book!

Check out Allie’s Blog at the Hyperbole and a Half blog!

Book Details
Publisher: Touchstone
# of Pages: 369
ISBN: 978-1451666175
Date of Publication: October 29, 2013
Source: Library Checkout

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  1. Sounds interesting. A dose of humor is always a good thing. And comics are always fun to explore.