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"Bewitching the Faerie" By: Cynthia Rayne - Review and Guest Post

Bewitching the Faerie
Bewitching the Faerie
By: Cynthia Rayne

Synopsis from Goodreads
Maeve is the most hapless witch in her family. When she cooks up a spell to boost her powers, she accidentally unleashes a powerful fae from his moonstone ring prison. 
Ronan, a fae prince, was imprisoned by Maeve's ancestor and he is bent on revenge. When he sees the beautiful, curvaceous witch, he decides to take his revenge in the most deliciously wicked way possible - seducing her and leaving her brokenhearted. 
Maeve is drawn to Ronan's seduction but she has no desire to become his sexual plaything. When he whisks her away to a Celtic Sea island where time doesn't exist, she soon finds out that there is no resisting Ronan

A Note from Cynthia Rayne
I am fascinated by supernatural men. Vampires. Werewolves. Ghostly lovers. And, yes, Faeries. Always have been a fascination, really. I read paranormal romances before they were kill, even if I had to dig into a book to find a smaller romance plot line. Anne Rice’s Lestat books were among my absolute favorites. 
My obsession with Fae started when I saw Jim Henson’s Labyrinth as a young girl. I fell hard for Jareth, The Goblin King. Tall, blond, arrogant, and dead sexy. The crux of that story was that the king had fallen in love with Sarah and all of this (kidnapping her brother, showing her, her dreams) was a means to draw her in. Albeit, in a sort of scary, pseudo-stalkery way. I always hoped that he would come back for Sarah when she finally grew up and there would be some sort of romantic Labyrinth sequel.

That is part of the inspiration for Bewitching the Faerie. Maeve is a hapless witch who accidently conjures, Ronan, a powerful fae who has been captured and secured into moonstone by her ancestor. Maeve accidently uses the stone to perform a spell and mayhem ensues.

You can find out more information about me, or my books at my blog: http://cynthiarayne1.blogspot.com/ or my following me on Twitter @RayneCynthia. My latest release Howl, also a supernatural romance involving a love triangle between a blood slave, her vampire “owner”, and the werewolf who wants to take her away from her enslavement. It is currently available from Ellora’s Cave. More information is available here: http://www.jasminejade.com/p-10363-howl.aspx

My Thoughts
    Cynthia Rayne is an interesting voice in the paranormal romance world. Very different than other authors, I found Ms. Rayne's voice unique with a whole new level of world building. Maeve and Ronan were a fun couple to watch and the passion was unbelievable!
     Maeve is a witch that hasn't had the best luck. Her spells are a little wonky so she is completely stunned when Ronan erupts from a ring she has in her possession. Ronan was imprisoned decades before in said ring and when he finally gains his freedom, he wants revenge on Maeve's entire family line. Instead of revenge though, Ronan finds himself falling for Maeve. Dealing with a troubled past, these two have to find ways to get past what has happened and look to the future.
    There is passion, there is attraction, and of course, how can we not want Maeve to find true love? So many things have went wrong for her and I wanted something to go right. Other reviewers have remarked on how hot the scenes between Maeve and Ronan are and I totally agree. The pages positively burned! The only complaint I have is that I would have actually liked to have spent more time with the couple, which just goes to show how much I enjoyed them. Fast paced, fairly short and ultimately a fun story for any reader! 

Book Details
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Date of Publication: June 13, 2008
ISBN: 978-1419916588

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