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"The Sacrifice" By: Evangeline Anderson Review

The Sacrifice
"The Sacrifice"
By: Evangeline Anderson

Synopsis from Goodreads
     Emma Krist is a dud a person from a powerful line of witches with no magic of her own. Not only that but she’s full figured instead of thin, like her gorgeous, talented cousins, and has dishwater brown hair and muddy hazel eyes to match. So she figures there’s no way she’ll be chosen as the Bloodlust Sacrifice for the new vampire Sovereign. Not that she would want to be what girl in her right mind would volunteer to be a slave for a year, giving up the rights to her own body and sexuality to a dominating male who likes to bite? Not Emma, that’s for sure.
     So when Aiden James calls her out of the crowd, picking her over every other single female in the supernatural community, Emma doesn’t know what to think. Now she must begin a whole new life of submission to her new master, giving herself body and soul without reservation…or suffer the punishment for her disobedience. 
My Thoughts

      Seeing “The Sacrifice” all over the blogosphere, I knew I had to read it. A full figured witch falling in love with a gorgeous vampire? Being a full figured gal myself and a fan of naughty vampires, I did everything I could to get to this book...and let me tell you, it was worth it!
     Emma is a witch, coming from a long heritage of witches. Her mom, her grandma, her aunts, cousins; you get the point. Placed in a world where the paranormal creatures band together against the humans, vampires are a ruling body. Once a year, the supreme vampire requests a sacrifice as sort of a slave. Someone to feed him, take care of him, etc.
     When the ceremony comes, our average Emma isn’t worried about being picked because of her average nature. She’s short, chunky, nonmagical witch with bad hair; why would a hot vampire king ever want her? Yet, Aiden does. He’s entranced by her and feels her power may be untapped. Aiden ultimately chooses Emma to the astonishment of everyone else.
      One of the reviewers on Goodreads related that she loved Emma’s inner dialogue, and I have to agree. As I was reading, I could see myself as Emma. We are all insecure, unsure of ourselves. And when Emma was chosen by the powerful hot vampire, I cheered inside. Yes, the quiet ones are worth notice. Notice us! It really speaks to Anderson’s writing that she could write a character that a reader could so closely associate with.
      Emma finally comes into her powers with the help of Aiden and ultimately falls in love with him. Short and sweet, we root for Emma from the beginning and love Aiden for seeing what others didn’t. Not for the faint of heart, Emma and Aiden’s story is perfect for fans who like their happily ever after with a little kink.

I received “The Sacrifice” from the author 
in exchange for an honest review.

Book Details
Publisher: Evangeline Anderson
# of Pages: 244
Date of Publication: August 30, 2012
ISBN: B0094J02RE

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