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"Loving David" By: Gina Hummer Review

Loving David
"Loving David"
By: Gina Hummer

Synopsis from Goodreads:

What would you do if someone like Ryan Reynolds or Robert Pattinson jumped into your car?
That’s what happens to Charlotte when out of nowhere, gorgeous movie star David King becomes her surprise passenger. Not recognizing him at first, the startled Charlotte’s initial impulse is to mace him. But once she realizes who he is and that he’s making an escape from a crowd of zealous fans, she puts away her pepper spray and thinks what a great story she’ll have to tell her girlfriends! 
From there, the impossible happens: the two take tentative steps toward romance, and a relationship blooms. But Charlotte is a behind-the-scenes romance writer, and David is an in-the-spotlight and in-the-tabloids celebrity. Could it ever work?
Charlotte’s defenses drop one by one. Their age difference doesn’t really matter, and though their realities are worlds apart, they begin to become one. Just when everything seems to be leading to a storybook ending, David’s past intrudes, and Charlotte has to wonder if his romance with fellow star Olivia Hudson really is over.

My Thoughts
     “Loving David” was another title recommended if you like “Fifty Shades,” and I was intrigued. Just by looking at the cover, you wouldn’t even think this had anything close to Fifty and in my opinion it wasn’t, but I can see the comparisons. The intense emotional journey you go on through this tale is similar but very different, but in a good way, I promise!
     Charlotte and David meet one afternoon as David is running from fans and the rabid paparazzi in a small town. Charlotte is a forty something romance writer  (Yay!) and David is a 30-something up and coming actor known throughout the world. In an effort to hide David from crazy fans, Charlotte allows him to stay with her and her friends at a writer’s retreat.
   Over the course of a couple of weeks, David insinuates himself into Charlotte’s quiet life. She is interested in David, but finds their age difference a bit daunting to get around. It doesn’t bother David in the least, but he worries Charlotte’s insecurities won’t ever let them be together.
    Other reviewers have said it and I’m going to repeat it, “Loving David” is an emotional rollercoaster. I loved it, I wanted to shake Charlotte and say, what are you thinking; and at other times I just sighed myself lovin’ David a little bit. And the ending! Oh my gosh! The ending...I don’t want to spoil it but I will admit, I didn’t see it coming and it left me with a tear and a smile.
     The secondary characters in this novel help create an environment for both romance a bit of hilarity. Emma was by far my favorite friend of Charlotte's! She was a 70+ widowed writer who doesn’t care what anyone thinks, so she speaks her mind. Here’s a conversation between David and Charlotte that made me giggle...and its about my favorite character, Emma!

“I have to say; I can’t imagine being bored around such an outspoken group.” David snuggled down into the chair a bit and looked at Charlotte. “Plus it’s nice to be around women who don’t want to pull my hair or rip my clothes off.”
Charlotte let out a huge laugh. “I think Emma may have wanted to rip your clothes off!”
David chuckled. “God bless, Emma.”
    “Loving David” is an excellent romance for folks dying for an emotional connection. Funny, loving, at times frustrating, but above all else enjoyable, I found Charlotte and David’s journey to be heartbreaking and sweet. It sounds like a mess of contradictions I know, but when you read the book, you’ll know exactly what I mean. It may leave you with a tear but underneath it all there will be a smile.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Book Details 
Publisher: CreateSpace
# of Pages: 302
Date of Publication: December 3, 2011
ISBN: 978-1466343303

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  1. That pepper spray/macing scene sounds like it's worth a read !
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  2. I was worried that this would be just another "celebrity meets normal girl" story, but it sounds like it has well-rounded writing and the potential to be really good!
    emily.b.ritter at gmail dot com

  3. The set-up reminds me of Singing in the Rain -- my favorite movie!

    My email is at -- joyweesemoll.

  4. This is actually the first I have heard of LOVING DAVID. Thank you for your thoughts. Count me in!! It sounds wonderful.